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Vampire Art

Vampire Art Women's Vest Skirt Split Swimsuit With Shorts - Retro Sixties Surf Flowers

Vampire Art Women's Vest Skirt Split Swimsuit With Shorts - Retro Sixties Surf Flowers

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Dive into the enigmatic charm of the night sea with Vampire Art's Women's Vest Skirt Split Swimsuit. This two-piece ensemble redefines beachwear with its unique blend of style, comfort, and allure, perfectly embodying the brand's commitment to alternative fashion that flatters every form. Designed for the bold and the beautiful, this swimsuit invites you to embrace your individuality while basking in the moonlit glow of summer.

Design and Aesthetic The swimsuit features a sophisticated vest top, complemented by swim shorts that balance coverage with allure. The vest's chest drawstring not only adds a charming detail but also allows for an adjustable fit, enhancing the figure in a celebration of feminine strength and beauty. Crafted with Vampire Art's signature aesthetic, each piece boasts unique patterns that draw inspiration from the depths of grunge, the romance of retro, and the daring of the dark academia, making for a truly captivating beach look.

Material and Comfort Constructed from a premium blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, the Vest Skirt Split Swimsuit is both skin-friendly and breathable, ensuring comfort even under the sun's relentless gaze. The fabric's stretchability promises a snug yet flexible fit, accommodating a wide range of movements and activities. With removable padding in the vest, you're afforded the luxury of customization, allowing for the perfect silhouette whether you're lounging by the pool or diving into waves.

Features and Functionality Weighing in at 11.04 Oz., this swimsuit is a lightweight addition to your summer wardrobe, designed to keep you cool and comfortable. The two-piece nature of the ensemble offers versatility in styling and wear, making it a practical choice for those who transition from water sports to waterfront dining.

The Vampire Art Women's Vest Skirt Split Swimsuit stands as a testament to the brand's vision of merging the mysterious allure of alternative aesthetics with the practical needs of modern swimwear. It's a declaration of style that doesn't shy away from the waves but rides them with grace and confidence. This swimsuit is not just a garment; it's an invitation to embody the spirit of the night - mysterious, captivating, and utterly unforgettable. Embrace the summer with Vampire Art, and let your swimwear be as bold and beautiful as the seas you conquer.

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