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We are more than just an online fashion store; we're a community, an aesthetic, and a lifestyle.

Discover what makes Vampire-art.com unique, and how we're making fashion a statement of personal identity. At Vampire-art.com, fashion is more than just clothing; it's a form of art and a declaration of your true self.

We invite you to embrace your unique style, break free from conformity, and explore a world of limitless fashion possibilities.

Welcome to Vampire-art.com, where fashion transcends the ordinary, and you are celebrated for being YOU.

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At Vampire-art.com, we believe in the power of fashion to transcend boundaries, challenge norms, and tell stories.

About Us

Dive Back into the Nineties with our Grunge Collection

This collection is called 'grunge' as it evokes the rough and unpretentious finish of the artworks from the Nineties. A finish which is often combined with classic styles, such as sixties patterns or floral designs.

New Dark Academia Collection by Vampire Art

Dark Academia is an internet aesthetic trend that is right up our alley. Browse our vintage tartan patterns and Victorian designs, and don't forget to check back, as we are going to add a lot more in the weeks to come.

Retro-Indulgent Footwear by Vampire Art

Our heavily Victorian-inspired collection of shoes and boots is based on comfort and indulges in superb contrasting retro patterns.

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