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Vampire Art

Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots

Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots

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Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots

Embrace the fusion of botanical beauty and urban edge with the "Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots." This pair stands as a testament to Vampire Art's philosophy of blending alternative fashion with distinctive artistry. These boots are perfect for those who seek to express their unique style through bold and unconventional footwear.

Unique Grunge Green Roses Design: The boots showcase an exclusive, rough floral pattern in shades of black and green, bringing a unique grunge twist to the classic beauty of roses. This striking design resonates with Vampire Art's flair for combining traditional motifs with a modern, edgy aesthetic. The green roses pattern, set against a dark background, creates an enchanting, almost mystical effect, ensuring these boots are not just accessories but statement pieces.

Advantages of Faux Leather: In keeping with Vampire Art's commitment to ethical fashion, these boots are crafted from premium faux leather. This material choice is significant for several reasons. Faux leather offers the elegance and durability of traditional leather while being cruelty-free. It's also more resistant to wear and tear, making these boots a practical choice for everyday use. Furthermore, faux leather is easier to care for, ensuring the boots retain their striking appearance over time.

Comfort Meets Style: Prioritizing comfort without compromising on style, these boots feature a padded collar for added ankle support, making them suitable for extended wear. The lace-up front not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also allows for a customizable and secure fit. The wide fit design ensures comfort for various foot shapes, making these boots a versatile choice for a range of customers.

Durable Rubber Sole: The robust rubber sole underlines the practicality of these boots. It provides excellent traction and durability, suitable for various terrains and urban adventures. This makes the boots not only stylish but also functional, capable of withstanding the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Bold Fashion Statement: These Grunge Green Roses boots are a bold declaration of style. They can be paired with an array of outfits, from casual denim to more adventurous fashion choices. The distinctive green roses pattern makes them a focal point of any look, perfect for those who enjoy standing out from the crowd with their fashion choices.

Ethical and Sustainable Choice: Choosing the Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots means not only embracing a unique style but also supporting sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Vampire Art's dedication to responsible design is reflected in these boots, aligning with the brand's commitment to creating fashion that's both beautiful and conscientious.

The "Vampire Art Grunge Green Roses Casual Leather Lightweight Boots" are more than just footwear; they are an artistic expression of individuality and a commitment to ethical fashion. Ideal for those who value distinctive design and responsible choices, these boots embody Vampire Art's mission to merge innovative style with contemporary trends and ethical considerations.

Size table (Men)

US size Eur Size Feet length(mm)
3 35 227
3.5 35.5 231
4 36 235
4.5 36.5 239
5 37 244
5.5 38 248
6.5 39 252
7 40 261
7.5 40.5 265
8 41 270
8.5 42 274
9 42.5 279
9.5 43 282
10 44 287
10.5 44.5 292
11 45 295
11.5 45.5 299
12 46 304
12.5 47 308

Size table (Women)

US size Eur Size Feet length(mm)
4.5 35 227
5 35.5 231
5.5 36 235
6 36.5 239
6.5 37 244
7 38 248
8 39 252
8.5 40 261
9 40.5 265
9.5 41 270
10 42 274
10.5 42.5 279
11 43 282
11.5 44 287
12 44.5 292
12.5 45 295
13 45.5 299
13.5 46 304
14 47 308
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