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Vampire Art

Vampire Art Tie-Dye Hippie Boho Festival Vegan Leather Unisex Combat Boots - Goth

Vampire Art Tie-Dye Hippie Boho Festival Vegan Leather Unisex Combat Boots - Goth

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Step into a world of vibrant style and conscious fashion with the Vampire Art Tie-Dye Hippie Boho Festival Vegan Leather Unisex Combat Boots. This series is a heartfelt tribute to the iconic 1960s hippy tie-dye style, featuring exclusive designs by Vampire Art that are sure to make a statement. Each pair of boots showcases mesmerizing tie-dye and batik motifs in warm, earthy colours, particularly browns and greens, that capture the essence of boho-chic aesthetics.

Crafted from high-quality PU vegan leather, these combat boots are a perfect blend of sustainability and durability. They are ideal for those who care about the planet and animal welfare without compromising on style. The use of vegan leather ensures a cruelty-free product that looks and feels just like the real thing.

Designed with summer festivals in mind, these boots offer both comfort and flair, making them the perfect accessory for dancing the night away or strolling through festival grounds. The rubber sole provides excellent grip and durability, ensuring that you can enjoy every moment without worry. The padded collar adds an extra layer of comfort, preventing chafing and allowing you to wear them all day long.

The lace-up front offers a secure and adjustable fit, accommodating a wide range of foot sizes and shapes. With a wide fit design, these boots are made to provide ample room, ensuring your feet remain comfortable even during prolonged wear.

These boots are not just about looks; they are built to last. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials mean they can withstand the rigors of festival life and beyond. Pair them with your favourite boho outfit for an effortlessly chic look that is sure to turn heads.

Main Features:

  • Material: PU vegan leather
  • Design: Tie-dye and batik motifs in warm earthy colours
  • Comfort: Padded collar and wide fit design
  • Closure: Lace-up front for an adjustable fit
  • Durability: Rubber sole for excellent grip and durability
  • Usage: Perfect for summer festivals and everyday wear
  • Care: Easy to clean and maintain

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